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The Dream Team USA DVD

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The Dream Team USA DVD
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Dream Team Korea World Cup 99 DVD 

Format: NTSC All Regions DVD (Works on all DVD players worldwide) 

Run Time: about 1 hour 

Rating : Not Rated 

Korea World Cup Champions 

Team U.S.A. 

United Skills of America 


The Dream Team 

Featuring: Crumbs, Wicket, Flo-Master, Zulu Gremlin, Ken Swift 

Five hand picked B-Boys given three days to prepare to represent USA in Seoul 8/5/99 

Make it to the finals against "Bag of Tricks" from Canada and defeat them for the gold! 

Not only was the "Dream Team" victorious in the battle category, but in the performance category as well! 

Two victories for $5,000 each! A Total of $10,000 plus 2 crystal trophies! But there had to be a conspiracy! We did receive the trophies the next day, but we never got the $10,000 even after they had us stay an extra day for the $$$! All we got was these two big phony checks and this video to prove it! Support the real and boycott the fake! 

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Ohne Altersbeschränkung / For all Ages