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Best of "Swift Rock" Battle Squad DVD

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Best of Swift Rock DVD
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Best of
"Swift Rock"
**Battle Squad** 

Featuring: Storm/Speedy/Emilio/Maurizio/Kane/Aktuel Force/Flying Steps/Out of Control/Fantastic Devils/Second To None/Supreme Force/Fresh Force/South Side Rockers ...
Best of "Swift Rock" DVD 3 hours with the best parts of "Swift Rock Vol. 1-3" incl. a special of "A Norm In Form".
B-Boying to the fullest! Swift Rock and B-Boys from all the world during 1983-2003. Showing training-sessions, jams, TV- and Theatre Shows.
Caution:On this DVD is not everthing filmed with a Digicam...matter of fact: the quality is not always the bomb!
Laufzeit/Running-time 180 min

Länder - Code: 0
NTSC -Version

Ohne Altersbeschränkung / For all Ages 
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