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Chuco Unleashed A UBZ Adventure DVD

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Chuco Unleashed A UBZ Adventure 

Run time: 90 minutes 

Format/Region: NTSC Region 1 


Witness the Realness Maxx Productions Presents: Chuco Unleashed 

After 20 years of putting in work, Chuco has finally compiled a masterpiece of every element of Hip Hop, including his own. Despite the dark ages of Poppin and breakin, Chuco continued to dance. As a result he has inspired people all over the world with with his unique unorthodox movements. You've seen a taste of him in the movies, Rhyme & Reason and the Freshest Kids. 

Watch West Coast Popping Pioneer Chuco, among other legends such as; Mr. Animation, B Boy Ivan Urban Action Figure. Mr. Re the Physical Messanger, and Hocus (Graffiti Master) who unite to become UBZ. They have proven to be innovative and original, and have never commercialized.

Ohne Altersbeschränkung / For all Ages 


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