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About us

Welcome to the SwiftRockShop

What got Me to start the Hip Hop store business

From 1990 to 1997 I just lived of dancing, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Had of course every Injury you can think of but I never thought I would have to stop because of it. Anyway the injuries got worse and I had to take off because of it more and more time. Till the day I had the problem with my spine and back it broke off and stabbed into my right leg which paralized my leg. I was in fuckin‘pain, I couldn‘t do shit. It all happened in Japan with Storm and Vartan. Also with us were Easy Roc, Ivan, KwikStep. I thought it was just a pinched nerve but it got to worse.

I went to see the doc and he told me that my spine slipped and I would never could dance again! I did for half a year intensive back exercises and (thank god) it got better and as you can see: I still rock these days!!! Well, it came about the Shop because there was no Hip Hop shop in my city. Since then I had knowledge about Hip Hop, and had all the connections. I just opened up a shop with the help of Backspin.

Here you can catch the latest news and infos about him, his friends and partners and you also get connected to his OnlineShop and links.

To make it short... Love it or Leave it ;) Peace out SwiftRock