Swift Rock

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This is the official page of Boris "Swift Rock" Leptin - Co Founder of the B-Boy Crew " Battle Squad". Here you can catch the latest news and infos about Swift Rock and around the Online Shop.

Name: Boris "Swift Rock" Leptin

Location: Kiel (North Germany)

Crew affiliation: "Battle Squad"

Year i began Breakin: 1983

Main Titles: Winner of the International Battle of the Year 1991 / 1992

My influences, inspirations!

There are to many people and things to list all of them, but here‘s a couple of people I want to mention who played a major part in all of this: In the beginnin‘ the Rock Steady Crew (from the SixStep to Headspin I got from Crazy Legs) But only watched him on TV. He has the nicest Six Step I know. Then Prince Ken Swift in Wildstyle, how he is on the PVC in the Park doin‘ Poprocks and the footwork and the footwork in the whole Movie inspired and rocked me. NYCity Breakers for powermoves (the ones who stand out Pex, Little Lep, Ice-Ice) and the Dynamic Rockers. Later on it was Maurizio, Emilio from Italy, I got to know them back in 1986 that‘s how they became members of the "Battle Squad". Brian from Manchester Street Machine (England) he became my Mentor for Top-Rock and footwork. Also Paulo, he was in 1985 doing Flair Airtwists and Flair Stand still in the Air without touching ground and changed directions. He has a Handycap in his leg, that‘s why he specialized more in Powermoves. He moved everything away. I always think about it when I was injured on my leg, to hold my leg still and just practice wolf, turtles, flairs, 90s were I don‘t have to bend my knee. Orko I‘ve seen on the Olympics on TV and tried to turn like himÉ Like Little Alex from New York City Breakers at the Reagan-Appearance in white. Around 1988 the French like Aktuel Force or Paris City Breakers their elegant style of dancing, and how they did their Steps in a total different manner. That influenced me. The Swiss, Frank whom he and I brought this crew to Live in 1989 or Zed who‘s down with the Spartanic Rockers. His Steps were wicked. The Throw Down Rockers from Sweden Second 2 None from England. The man who made it all possible who showed us around and introduced us to the people, and dragged you to every practice spot in NY to show them that B-Boys in Europe are present, was Quickstep. He never really quit to dance, and damn you could tell. Elbowtracks and Donuts just nice. And of course Storm, we always pushed and inspired each other. There‘s not a place or space were we didn‘t practice or danced. As I said it‘s so many and there‘s always new ones, I probably forgot some of them SORRY!!!

How i do get my name, "Swift Rock"

When I started dancing I was little and fast. That‘s why the people called me "Swifty". Later on as I got older and grew a bit more I just took the "Y" of Swift. Because it just didn‘t go along with me any more. Then ZEB-Rocksky started to call me "Swift da Rock" To That time T-La Rock was out. Later on I made out of the name "Swift Rock".

About Battle Squad

1989 I travelled to Switzerland to check out the scene. I met Frank there, who had that whole B-Boy-Flavor down. But he wasn‘t motivated since there are not many dancers who really were committed. And I thought it would be sad if he would quit just because of that. So I said to him, let‘s form a Crew who goes to every Jam and battle all the breakers who are there. It wasn‘t to make us look cool or anything. It was just at that time there were only a few breakers around anyway. It was more to get to know each other better. The battles were mostly friendly and respectful. It was just to check out the other breakers. And what‘s better way then a battle? Some people gave you props for your moves, others just dissed you. No Matter what moves you were bringin‘. Everythin‘ to them was dirt. You could judge right away the persons attitude thru that. The core of the crew were more like that some of them quit and then they did not quit. That was quite stressful Storm came to the crew right after we were a crew. Before I was dancin‘ in Storms crew "The Unique Rockers". Then there was Maurizio and Emilio with that combination, us four, we wanted to show that we exist! B-Boyin‘ in Europe is still alive! We did that till we came to New York in 1991. Since then every thing got weird. Maurizio went to the Rock Steady Crew and from that point on we were only three guess it shouldn‘t be! Later Storms little brother "Speedy" joined the group. Since he was always hanging around with us and was on the same page as us, and... yeah... he was and is still burnin‘!!!

What got Me to start the Hip Hop store business!

From 1990 to 1997 I just lived of dancing, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Had of course every Injury you can think of but I never thought I would have to stop because of it. Anyway the injuries got worse and I had to take off because of it more and more time. Till the day I had the problem with my spine and back it broke off and stabbed into my right leg which paralized my leg. I was in fuckin‘pain, I couldn‘t do shit. It all happened in Japan with Storm and Vartan. Also with us were Easy Roc, Ivan, KwikStep. I thought it was just a pinched nerve but it got to worse. I went to see the doc and he told me that my spine slipped and I would never could dance again! I did for half a year intensive back exercises and (thank god) it got better and as you can see: I still rock these days!!! Well, it came about the Shop because there was no Hip Hop shop in my city. Since then I had knowledge about Hip Hop, and had all the connections. I just opened up a shop with the help of Backspin.

Some other European B-boy pioneers that kids should know about today!

In Germany I Would say the Dynamic Freezing Crew from Berlin in 1984 they rocked it. Then Universal Movements from Frankfurt. The Dynamic Rockers from the Netherlands .The Paris City Breakers and Aktuel Force from France. (Most of the Aktuel Force Dance to this day) Manchester Street Machine, London All Stars, Broken Glass Crew and Rock City from England, those are Crews I know who rocked on a level in 1984 that was internationally fresh, and the influenced a lot of European B-Boys. I‘m sure they were more Breakin Crews which I don‘t know and that..s why their not mentioned!

To make it short... Love it or Leave it ;) Peace out

Swift Rock